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maruyamanori old shop in tokyo

The Japanese tea shop Jugetsudo was started in 1980 by Maruyama Nori, the nori (dried seaweed) merchant that was founded in 1854. More than 160 years of tradition and experience pursuing the highest quality ingredients along with the spirit of “Cha-Zen” promise an enjoyable fragrance of tea that will stimulate your senses while providing a sense of comfort.

Jugetsudo opened a tea shop in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés quarter of Paris in 2008. Our authentic Japanese tea has been well received among the people in Paris, the connoisseurs of good food.

The George V, one of the most prestigious hotels in Paris, now serves our tea at their signature restaurant. The Michelin two-star restaurant, L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon also does the authentic Japanese tea service using our high-quality products.

jugetsudo premium organic sencha

Jugetsudo–the meaning

water feature at japanese garden

From ancient times, the Japanese have appreciated the beauties of nature as they have four distinct seasons. Flowers, birds, mountains, the moon, even the snow have all been elements in people’s appreciation of Japan’s natural splendor. The moon has inspired many artists and has been a major subject matter in haiku and tales.

Jugetsudo means “the place from where one looks at the moon.” When we look at the moon, we become humble and truly appreciate its eternal beauty. Jugetsudo would like to offer the bounty of nature through our high-quality tea in a humble and honest way.

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