Assortment of Fundamental Teas

Oseibo -Japanese Gift Giving Tradition

“Oseibo,” a cherished Japanese tradition marking the end of the year, involves the gifting of tokens of appreciation to express gratitude for the recipient’s kindness throughout the year and to extend wishes for a continued positive relationship in the coming year. This meaningful gesture not only communicates appreciation but also doubles as a heartfelt New Year’s greeting. While there are no strict rules regarding the recipients of Oseibo, it is commonly given to those who have been supportive, including supervisors, teachers, parents, and relatives. It symbolizes enduring gratitude and the anticipation of ongoing positive connections in the future.

The timing for sending Oseibo may slightly vary depending on the region, but generally falls between early December and around the 20th.

Oseibo gifts typically consist of “Kiemono,” or consumable items, rather than decorative interior items. Everyday essentials such as tea and coffee, as well as gourmet foods and confections, are popular choices.

This holiday season, Jugetsudo presents an assortment box featuring our fundamental teas: Organic Sencha, Genmaicha, and Hojicha. This box makes for the perfect Oseibo gift. Why not express your gratitude by gifting Oseibo to someone special in your life?

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