Tea / Mecha

Mecha:Powder Tea with Tea Buds

This organic tea contains green tea powder made of new leaf buds, which are packed with a natural Umami component called theanine. By added with matcha, it has a deep green color and strong, yet rounded flavor.

Large and flat teabagsare easy to make bigbatches of mecha,both cold and hot.

How to cold-brew mecha


Combine 2 mecha 5g teabags in 4
cups cold water in a pitcher.


Cover and refrigerate 15 minutes.


Gently squeeze the teabags
and remove them.
Add some ice cubes.


How to hot-brew mecha


Put one teabag in a teapot
(2g bag for 1 cup, 5g bag 2 cups).


Pour in 200°F (93°C) water.


Pour into cups after 1 minute.

Pyramid shaped teabag (2g) :

There is room for tea leaves to move within the teabag for full umami and flavor.
Perfect for an individual cup.

Flat teabag (5g) :

Perfect for big batches of hot and cold tea.