Tea House in Paris

Paris Storefront

Jugetsu-do Paris has taken this concept of “Chazen Ichimi”, providing our customers with flavorful genuine teas as a portal to experiencing the spirit of Cha-Zen and Japanese culture, where one can “experience the joy in focusing the 5 senses”.

Ground LevelAt the ground level floor, numerous stalks of bamboo hang from the ceiling in a radical design. On the Japanese cypress counter is a tea ceremony kettle, where various genuine Japanese teas can be enjoyed along with a selection of confections.
As a genuine Japanese tea boutique in Paris, we carry tea related dishes and utensils as well as original confections using Japanese tea, in addition to our selection of tea leaves.

Jugetsudo Paris BasementIn the basement floor is our tea room and gallery “Cha-Zen”, a solid and stately cavern like space. In this area, we hold tea ceremonies as well as convey the four seasons of Japanese culture such as traditional crafts relating to Japanese tea.

The house was designed by a world-class architect, Kengo Kuma.

Kengo KumaI wanted to build a space reminiscent of a bamboo forest. There is a different kind of air to a bamboo forest that divides the usual world, with a different kind of light. For this kind of a special space, I placed a solid slate of Japanese cypress with no knots or gnarls.
Japanese cypress is a special kind of wood, and it was believed that items placed on such a counter world become smoother. My intentions were to have people enjoy the taste of “nature” upon this counter. The basement is a stone tea room.
Tea will likely hint at yet another dimension, in the basement caverns of Paris.

Jugetsudo Paris
95, rue de Seine – Paris 6e
Phone : +33 (0) 1 46 33 94 90
web: www.jugetsudo.fr