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mini chasen

Introducing Mini Chasen!

New Jugetsudo original mini chasen (matcha tea whisk)! This six inch long bamboo whisk is stylish and casual. It is coming to the US in about a week! $26.99. Email us at to reserve one for yourself!

milk hojicha pudding

Milk Hojicha Pudding

Milk hojicha or hojicha latte is milky and smoky. It tastes almost like milk tea, only a bit lighter. This milk hojicha pudding can be a light dessert after Japanese themed dinner. You can use soy milk instead of regular milk. Save Print Milk Hojicha Pudding   Ingredients ・2 packets (7g x 2) gelatin ・4 […]

Yuzu sencha at Toiro

Hello, Los Angeles!

Hello, Los Angeles! Jugetsudo teas are now available at Toiro Kitchen and Supply (Iga-Yaki Donabe, Japanese artisanal kitchen tools, tableware and more) in West Hollywood. If you happen to be in the area, visit this great store! Thank you Toiro-san! TOIRO 1257 N La Brea Ave West Hollywood, CA 90038 Phone: 323.380.5052 Shop Hours:Tues – […]

national tin can day

Happy National Tin Can Day!

The tin can was invented in the early 1800’s in Europe. Funny thing is…the can opener wasn’t invented until 1858. For almost half a century, people hacked, chopped and chiseled to open the cans! Jugetsudo’s tin cans are easy to open and there is an inner lid to keep the tea fresh! Sencha in a […]

Vagabond Cafe

The Vagabond Café in West Village has just started Matcha menus using matcha from Jugetsudo. We can enjoy Matcha drink prepared in the traditional Japanese way as well. Please visit Vagabond Café

Jugetsudo is ready to open a new shop in Kabukiza

Jugetsudo, a subsidiary of Maruyamanori that specifically deals with green teas is ready to open a new shop in Kabukiza next month. For information about Kabukiza, click here

Michelin Gala Dinner

Michelin Gala Dinner was held at Capital, 130 Broadway in New York on October 3, 2012. About 60 celeb chefs from Michelin restaurants were present there to offer special dishes to 190 participants. We at Maruyamanori took pleasure in participating in the event by offering our special tea bags to them.