green tea's health benefit

Green Tea’s Health Benefit

Amid the global health crisis due to COVID-19, the world is desperate to find ways to slow the spread of the virus and find effective treatments. According to Live Science, more than 200 clinical trials of COVID-19 treatments or vaccines are either ongoing or recruiting patients. The drugs being tested include repurposed flu treatments, failed ebola drugs, and malaria treatments that were first developed many years ago.
While many doctors and researchers are experimenting with various agents as a drug candidate, a group of doctors in India experimented with an agent called EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), which can be found in green tea. They published the result on Research Square, a preprint platform for faster, fairer and more useful science research communication. They suggest EGCG as a potential SARS-CoV–2 inhibitor, and it might be a future drug candidate to treat COVID-19.
The doctors concluded that further research is still needed. However, they say that meanwhile the daily intake of green tea, a rich source of EGCG, may have a significant role in preventing and controlling COVID-19.
We should not jump to any conclusions yet—however, drinking green tea might serve as a health benefit, and it is delicious!
Stay safe and healthy!
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