sakura sencha

Perfect Season to Enjoy Sakura Sencha

Japanese love sakura, or cherry blossoms. In early spring, a cherry blossom front (going from south to north as the temperature goes up) makes big news on TV, just like a weather forecast. People look forward to their blooming, cherish them in their peak, and grieve when they are gone.
In the early Heian period, in the ninth century, Ariwara no Narihira, a Japanese poet wrote, ”If there were no cherry blossoms in the world, how peaceful our spring minds would be.” Japanese have been loving cherry blossoms for centuries.
Sakura sencha was created from our love for cherry blossoms. We added cherry blossom petals in our premium green tea. It is fruity and naturally sweet and now is the perfect season to enjoy it.

Sakura Sencha

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