Sakura Sencha

Cherry blossom is sakura in Japanese. In kanji, it is written as 桜. This is the simplified version of the kanji, and the traditional kanji was櫻. In this original version, the left side 木, is a tree, and the upper right is two 貝, which is sea shell. The right bottom 女 is a woman. The right side means a woman wearing a necklace made of sea shells.

With the tree on the left side, this kanji means a tree that bears fruits that look like the beads on a necklace; cherries! Poetic, isn’t it?

In Japanese, sakura means cherry plant. When talking about the cherry fruit, you would say sakuranbo.

Our sakura sencha is flavored with the petals of cherry blossoms. It has a subtle fruity flavor with a touch of natural sweetness, and now is the perfect time to enjoy it.

Sakura Sencha

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