Hinamatsuri dolls, organic tea


Hinamatsuri is a traditional celebratory day on Saturday, March 3rd in Japan. It is a day to celebrate the girls of a Japanese family. Hinamatsuri is celebrated with two small dolls, usually in a sitting position adorning traditional Japanese garments. Hinamatsuri dolls are to be set out a few days before March 3rd, but should be put away the day after or as soon as possible because it is believed that girls who do not put away their dolls directly after the celebration will not have a chance to be married in their prime when they grow up. (This superstition is a bit hard to believe nowadays, though!) On a girl’s first hinamatsuri, she usually receives the dolls from her family. This was somewhat of an honor for girls back in the olden days, because the dolls were fairly expensive due to the fine materials that made them so beautiful. There is also a day for boys as well, which is on May 5th, but on hinamatsuri, the boys and men of the household are catering and respectful to the women and girls.

Celebrate hinamatsuri with your family with Jugetsudo’s Sukura Sencha!

Sakura Sencha

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