matcha at Portland Japanese Garden

Tea Time at Portland Japanese Garden

Umami Café at the Portland Japanese Garden now serves Jugetsudo tea along with locally made Japanese confections.
Frothy matcha is light and yet rich in taste—almost creamy. It tastes even better when it is paired with Japanese sweets like the spring shibori (a traditional Japanese sweet of red and white bean paste). The sweetness of the confection and the intense and rich flavor of matcha go together very well.
Genmaicha comes with a manju. Genmaicha is green tea with roasted brown rice. It has a unique earthy flavor and it goes well with the sweetness of red bean paste, the inside of the manju. Don’t forget to admire the intricate pattern on the manju before you eat it!
There was a sign of spring in the garden. Why don’t you visit the Portland Japanese Garden, the most authentic Japanese garden outside Japan, to experience the early spring?

Portland Japanese Garden
Umami Café


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