matcha 101

Matcha 101

Matcha is known for the Japanese traditional tea ceremony that strictly follows rules and rituals.
You can enjoy matcha more casually, but there are certain things you shouldn’t skip.
Here are the essential steps to a casual and yet nice bowl of matcha:

1) Preheat the bowl. Pour some hot water to the bowl, discard the water, and wipe the bowl.

2) Sift 1 teaspoon (1 1/2 chashaku, or 3g) of matcha into the bowl.

3) Pour 2oz (60 cc) hot water. Whisk vigorously with chasen (bamboo whisk) until the tea is frothy.

4) Enjoy your matcha straight from the bowl!

-Do not skip sifting! Matcha tends to clump together and sifting is the key to avoid lumps in your matcha. Wiping the bowl dry is also an important step to avoid lumps.
-If you don’t have a bamboo whisk, you can use a small milk frother.
-Have some sweets with matcha. Sweets and matcha compliment each other. When paired with small confections, matcha will taste better. Here, white chocolate chips are served.

Ceremonial Matcha Fuji no Haru

Portland Art Museum

Jugetsudo Teas at Portland Art Museum

Portland Art Museum (PAM) is now exhibiting Poetic Imagination in Japanese Art through January.
Cool ink paintings and calligraphy from 16th-18th century are on view.
Jugetsudo teas are now available at PAM cafe and gift shop.
We are offering tea tastings on the following weekends:
10/20 (Sat) 11am-3pm
10/26 (Fri) 5-8pm
11/17(Sat) 11am-3pm
1/12 (Sat) 11am-3pm
Hope you can join us at PAM!
Portland Art Museum

matcha stick

Matcha Giveaway!

You will get 5 sticks of Jugetsudo Organic Matcha Nature 1g for orders over $50!
Dissolve one stick of Matcha Nature (unsweetened) in 1/2 cup of water (hot/cold) to make a nice matcha drink!
The offer ends on 9/30/2018.
You can enjoy free shipping as well (for orders over $50)!
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matcha latte fall

Matcha Latte Season

As summer is coming to a close, Portland’s temperature drops to the point that we start craving a warm matcha latte.
Curl up with Jugetsudo’s organic matcha latte to welcome fall!
Check out our mini chasen (bamboo matcha whisk)!

Organic Matcha Nature (unsweetened)
Organic Matcha Doux (sweetened)
Mini Chasen

northwest tea festival 2018

Northwest Tea Festival in Seattle!

Jugetsudo USA is participating in the Northwest Tea Festival in Seattle again!
It was fun last year and this year will be even more fun!
Come and visit us to taste various organic Japanese green teas!
This year, we are going to offer yuzu sencha and sakura sencha for tasting.
We are looking forward to meeting with all the tea lovers in Seattle!

9/29(Sat) 10am-6pm
9/30(Sun) 10am-4pm
Exhibition Hall at Seattle Center
301 Mercer St, Seattle WA 98109

Northwest Tea Festival 2018

mini chasen

Introducing Mini Chasen!

New Jugetsudo original mini chasen (matcha tea whisk)!
This six inch long bamboo whisk is stylish and casual.
It is coming to the US in about a week!
Email us at info@jugetsudousa.com to reserve one for yourself!

cold brew yuzu sencha

Cold Brew Yuzu Sencha

Have you cold brewed yuzu sencha?
Cold brewing brings out the zesty yuzu and is very refreshing in summer!
Just put 2 grams of yuzu sencha (or 1 teabag) in a cup of cold water and wait for 20 minutes.
Have a good summer with Jugetsudo tea!

Yuzu Sencha

tea fest pdx 2018

Tea Fest PDX is July 21st!

Portland had its first tea fest last summer and it was a success!
We are having the second one on July 21st at World Forestry Center and of course Jugetsudo USA will be there!
We are looking forward to meeting all the tea lovers in Portland!
Come and visit this awesome event, and make sure to stop by our booth and taste some of our tea.
Tea Fest PDX 2018

tea fest PDX

tea fest PDX

World tea expo at Las Vegas Convention Center

Jugetsudo was at World Tea Expo!

We had fun at the World Tea Expo 2018 in Las Vegas last week. Outside was over 100F, but inside of the convention center was nice and cool—-perfect to sample hot green tea!
We met a lot of tea lovers and Ricardo Caicedo was among them. Ricardo is a tea blogger and in fact he wrote about Jugetsudo in his blog, My Japanese Green Tea.

Ricardo was born in Columbia and he prefers tea, especially green tea, over coffee. He is the first Colombian to obtain the certification of Japanese Tea Advisor by the Nihoncha (Japanese Tea) Instructor Association!
His mission is to spread the word about Japanese tea culture.
Thank you Ricardo!
Make sure to visit his blog at www.myjapanesegreentea.com

international sushi day

International Sushi Day!

June 18th is International Sushi Day!
Japanese sushi restaurants usually serve hot mecha to go with the sushi.
Next time you are at a sushi restaurant, check out what kind of tea they are serving!
Jugetsudo mecha is served at Nimblefish, which is located in Southeast Portland.
Check out @nimblefishpdx and their amazing sushi!